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studiokinder is a design studio focused on designing and producing beautiful and functional furniture, objects, and interactive public spaces for children of all ages. Spearheaded by principal designer Lora Appleton, studiokinder fills the void in handcrafted quality furniture for little ones (ages 2-16) and their grown-ups.

studiokinder’s mission is to investigate the development of a growing child’s mind and body and translate those needs into functional luxury furniture for play, work, and study. By highlighting not only the child’s direct needs, but those of the family as a whole, studiokinder has created an innovative collection of furniture and objects that can be used together or separately throughout a child’s primary education and well into maturity; each piece an heirloom intended to be repurposed throughout the home over many years.

Through nuanced and dynamic curatorial work, studiokinder’s parent company, kinder MODERN (kM), has single-handedly crafted the contemporary child design landscape and curated one of the best historical vintage child furniture collections in the world. As the go-to brand for exceptional child design of the past, present, and future, kM has exhibited one-of-a-kind collections and now, through studiokinder, further identifies the key design needs of children and families and creates sophisticated solutions to fill them.

studiokinder will debut its first mini-collection, the Heritage Collection, at the architectural digest design show in March 2017. Additional product lines, Study, Urban Play, and Kids at Work, based on in-depth explorations into play and child development, will launch later this year.

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heritage collection
(launching at the a.d. home show 2017)

A study in form, the Heritage Collection is the first “mini” furniture collection from studiokinder. It includes three multifunctional pieces: the Heritage Sit, the Heritage Flip, and the Heritage Perch.

The three piece Heritage Collection is a hand-crafted, heirloom quality furniture set that can be used as a trio or individually in a number of ways. The set was designed to encourage children to interact with the luxurious metal-inlayed wood in all of their everyday activities - eating, playing, even getting messy - leaving behind a literal imprint. Used by the child from toddlerhood to teenage years, each piece will develop a patina over time that is unique to its owner. Eventually a personal heirloom is born, valued for its inherent quality and design, as well as the visible nostalgia left by the family who loved it.

The Heritage Collection is available in three wood treatments:

Hard Maple & Copper

Charred White Ash & Brass

color pigmented lacquer Maple & Copper

study collection
(coming summer 2017)

Study examines how children learn and work in the modern world. The ways in which children study outside the classroom has changed drastically over the last ten years, with major developments in how they interact with furniture and increased attention paid to individual learning styles. studiokinder investigates this decade of change and presents a streamlined series of physical furniture items meant to facilitate an optimal environment for learning.

In developing Study, studiokinder considered all challenges facing modern families: encouraging individual creative exploration in a digital age; the use of technology; how children of different ages can all interact with the same furniture; the unique academic and intellectual pace of every child; and much more. This exploration bore innovative mixed use desks and work pieces that cater to the whole child, creating new ways to study, play, lounge, and interact. Additionally, by considering grown-up needs, including a refined and beautiful aesthetic, studiokinder expands family time beyond the playroom into all areas of the home.

urban play collection
(coming summer 2017)

urban play investigates safe physical play in small residential living environments, allowing children to create their own world within the confines of their living spaces and use their imaginations as much as their bodies. this line of soft upholstered goods blends luxury and physicality to utilize physical surroundings in child development, allowing little ones to play “rough and rowdy” safely and effectively.

kids at work collection
(coming summer 2017)

kids at work (kaw) reinvents experimental identity play by challenging and nurturing a child’s imagination with organic shapes and thought-provoking materials. kaw asks: what is playing doctor without the stethoscope? what is “cops and robbers” without the toy gun? more specifically, what type of play happens when the tools are ambiguous? it is a child’s “job” to play and kaw ensures children are doing this job properly and, therefore, engaging in the developmentally imaginative play that is essential to a healthy childhood.


february 9, 2017
new york times

Read more about studiokinder, the development of the Heritage Collection, and why sk principal Lora Appleton thinks "high design and family-friendly living spaces need not be mutually exclusive" in t: the new york times style magazine.

february 8, 2017
architectural digest design show

studiokinder will debut its first line, the heritage collection, in the made section at the architectural digest design show in march 2017. additional product lines, study, urban play, and kids at work, based on in depth explorations into play and child developmental growth, will launch later this year.

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